Monday, April 14, 2014

Heartbleed bug and tips

 This is a huge hole in the secure sockets layer software on website servers and basically can allow portions of memory that is usually secure to become bleed through some of the memory.

Most sites are patched now, but to make sure your data remains safe some sites you need to log in and change your passwords, Lastpass a password manager has a page setup that you can check the status
of websites to see if they are patched and if you need to change your password its Lastpass Passwords
should not be simple because they will be easy to hack Lastpass password manager has a built in password generator that will generate easy secure passwords for your sites they also have video tutorials on Lastpass site that show how to do this and other important tasks of a good password manager and form filler.

The lastpass password manager is a must for any computer user it works on Linux,Apple and Windows computers and its free also, keep track of your bookmarks with Xmarks its free also,
thanks for reading and have a great and secure day.