Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Causes of Erratic Computer Mouse Behaviour

The usual suspects when dealing with erratic computer mouse behaviour are different for windows computers compared to Linux, because windows computers can show these signs from being infected with mal-ware{viruses,Trojans.worms and the like} while Linux or Apple computers usually only suffers these erratic mouse behaviour from hardware problems like dirty mouse contacts or settings are to low or to high in the mouse configuration settings in the control panel.

The Trackball mouse needs occasional cleaning, underneath the ball there are small contacts, that can get lint and dirt stuck in between and cause erratic behaviour, cleaning can be done with the device unplugged,then use q-tips and alcohol to clean out the contacts,then I like to dry mine after ward with a hair dryer just do not let it get to hot switch every 10 seconds or so between cold and hot should do a good job drying the mouse out. Sometimes the mouse is just worn out try another mouse if you have a spare to see if it has the erratic cursor movements too, if not your original mouse needs replacing.

Non trackball mice usually have a ball underneath with a lock down plate that unscrews counterclockwise to take off to clean inside clean these the same as above method with alcohol q-tips and a hair dryer then turn the computer back on and give it a test if it fails you will be needing a new mouse. Computer tips like this will keep your mouse running better and lasting longer saving you some money.

Erratic mouse behaviour  from Malware or Spyware on a pc, the best computer tips is to  1- run your anti-virus software and your  2- Anti-malware program like Malwarebytes Anti-Malware,  3-  Also check with other malware or antivirus scan tools like free online scans because more then one tool is needed to clean and prevent infections on a Windows PC.

How to computer tips to remove malware and viruses free online for any computer there are two sites that will let you upload files and check them with many scan tools at once they are 1- VirusTotal  and 2- Jotti they limit the size of the files you can scan VirusTotal limit is 64 megabytes  as of 8-27-2013 2- Jotti has a limit of 25 megabyte. The two sites listed above can also scan urls a website for Malware or links so you can find out if its safe before putting it on your computer.

Linux computer tip for Anti-Virus without limits on file size is to install Clamav



Microsoft Trackball Mouse

ball out of a Microsoft Trackball Mouse

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sample music and see album artwork

Sometimes you here of a good music artist by word of mouth, by a friend or someone you meet but have not experienced their music first hand, well you could go to one of the many online music stations but that takes time.

The easy way to experience the new artist and album art is EasySearchMusic
this site gives you free short samples of the music and album art you type in to a search box then automatically plays other songs in the album then it will switch
albums for you to sample.