Thursday, July 25, 2013

Free Backup Options For Linux Mac and Windows

Free backup options exist for any operating system today,like Mediafire mediafire works with Windows,Linux and mac you can get for free a10 gigabyte, at Mediafire
account but that's not all you can earn more by sharing it.

The three biggest reasons to use online cloud backup are
1- Backup disks llike, dvds and cds, flash drives and external hard drives can be damaged then they will not allow you to get any of your files off them.

2- Physical backup items can be lost or misplaced this is very disturbing when a computer crashes and you need that certain file now.

3- Physical backup items can also be stolen then restoring your files becomes impossible.

Eliminate  the chance of not being able to backup your device by getting a free account at Mediafire or other free online backup services, see list below

1-  Idrive works with Linux Mac and Windows free 5 gig account.

2-  Cyphertite also works with Linux,Mac and Windows free 8 gig account

3-  Amazon you get 5gb of free storage  works with  Linux Mac and Windows

4-  Wuala you get 5 gb of free storage works with Linux Mac and Windows

Now there is no excuse to not have your files backed up try one of these services
today you and your computer will be glad you did.

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