Sunday, July 28, 2013

Email Marketing to a List

One of the biggest way's to make money on the internet is by building a subscriber list and marketing to them, the problem is most list building systems
requires you to join a safe list that one of the rules are that you must receive
emails from other members,but not at 30minutelist this site works a bit different the only emails you receive are from the administrator.

30minutelist also makes it easy to set up, you will build your list with your autoresponder and make some money at the same time, when anyone upgrades
you can earn a commission.The autoresonder is very important if you don't
have one, this system includes hosting and tracking and the autoresponder
and much more for what others charge you for just a autoresponder alone, it's
Ultimate Marketing Center.

at 30minutelist you can also promote affiliate offers and make money through
your ads which when you start you will get free credits, so if you want to build a list to market to without getting tons of email in your inbox then sign up to 30minutelist today you will be glad you did.

More then Hosting autoresponders and tracking + more

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Free Backup Options For Linux Mac and Windows

Free backup options exist for any operating system today,like Mediafire mediafire works with Windows,Linux and mac you can get for free a10 gigabyte, at Mediafire
account but that's not all you can earn more by sharing it.

The three biggest reasons to use online cloud backup are
1- Backup disks llike, dvds and cds, flash drives and external hard drives can be damaged then they will not allow you to get any of your files off them.

2- Physical backup items can be lost or misplaced this is very disturbing when a computer crashes and you need that certain file now.

3- Physical backup items can also be stolen then restoring your files becomes impossible.

Eliminate  the chance of not being able to backup your device by getting a free account at Mediafire or other free online backup services, see list below

1-  Idrive works with Linux Mac and Windows free 5 gig account.

2-  Cyphertite also works with Linux,Mac and Windows free 8 gig account

3-  Amazon you get 5gb of free storage  works with  Linux Mac and Windows

4-  Wuala you get 5 gb of free storage works with Linux Mac and Windows

Now there is no excuse to not have your files backed up try one of these services
today you and your computer will be glad you did.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Backup your files without buying a external hard drive

There are many sites online that you can get a free account to backup your files,many of them will work with any operating system not just windows,like MediaFire which gives you 10 gigabyte for free,but gives you a few options to earn more space for free like referring friends and family through emails,Facebook and twitter. When you have a blog or website you can post a link and earn more storage for the ones that sign up from your referral link,so need a lot of space to backup everything just keep referring others and watch your storage grow for free at Mediafire and feel nice and secure that if your computer crashes your files will be safe and accessible anytime from anywhere.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Have fun and change your Life

There are some programs or systems that will let you have fun and change your life for the better one is called 30 minutes a you start off with a site that lets you play games and build an empire and end up making a nice monthly income in the process of three easy steps.

The games are many and are divided into categories like shooting,arcade puzzle
 and so on.

So what do you have to lose come sign up, its free and you will be having fun and making some money also

earn some cash starting with 30 minutes a week

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Can You Earn Money By Playing Games

Can you earn money by playing games? usually I would say no but a new website called  Kingdomcraze is changing the way we play games by allowing members to make money off the sites revenue from advertising and putting money into it if you desire to so my answer is yes you can
earn some cash playing games

There are many games to play and are really fun too, there are many options to earn also 1- by buying your way in 2- promoting the site 3- signing up for offers which some are free.

Kingdomcraze has plenty to offer and is growing fast its around 20,000 on alexa worldwide already so have some fun and make some xtra moola today you will be glad you did.

Monday, July 8, 2013

New Linux Videos

Hi I have uploaded new Linux videos on my Youtube channel a few weeks ago the newest one was how to install Netflix on Linux the other 2 are Shredding files on Linux and Stop repeating keys in Linux.

I will be also uploading two new ones soon 1- How to use Bleachbit to clean up your Linux system and 2- How to move and transfer files in Linux.

You can request a Video by leaving a comment here.