Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Setting up Printers in Linux

Setting up printers in linux is really easy and you can also add utilities that check printer functions as well, sometimes all is needed is plug your usb printer in then check under control center in the menu area and go down till you see printers then click on printers if your unit is off it will show paused and off.

Sometimes you need to set it up in CUPS in your web browser type localhost:631 then when you get there click on admin then add printer if your printer is not shown.
This is the area where you can add wireless printers or network printers make sure you find the drivers if you need them like an Epson printer XP 400 install then go into CUPS to set it up.

Utilities for printers under linux are available too in Software Center for HP printers and Canon and for Epson you will want stylus-toolbox it will let you know ink levels for older printers and ones with no display built in like XP 400 has this built into its display for you to check stats and setting up Wi Fi.

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