Friday, May 10, 2013

Test your video card the easy way

Hi everyone, the best and one of the most easy ways to test any video card is by using a live Linux dvd or cd, the reason being is that if the live disk boots up well and runs programs like firefox and youtube videos fine then the video card is fine,but if the disk will not play any videos( long as its a newer live linux  disk) the video card has a problem.

Video cards that have major issues will usually not even boot up correctly with a linux live disk.

Make sure before you run this test that your computer bios is set to boot from a cd or dvd first this will be in your boot options moving the devices up or down sometimes is done by using the plus or minus keys or at the bottom of your screen will tell you how to move a device.

Burning a ISO is the way to make your own Live disk in windows you can use imageburn or imgburn, linux  you can use xfburn.

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