Sunday, May 12, 2013

Must have addons for Firefox Web Browser

 Two of the most important parts of a users computer are bookmarks to their favourite websites and the passwords to sign in securely.

When a computer crashes or the hard drive  has to be reformatted for a reinstall of the operating system that runs it, these valuable items can be lost,the best and most easy solution is a addon  fo firefox the first is keeping are bookmarks or favorite websites info saved this can be done with xmarks addon to install just click on the tools option in the top of your browser to the left of help then click on get addons in the top right type in the search box xmarks then click install, after the install click restart firefox will be restarted next step is to add your account by giving it a email and login password then follow the steps to finish your account.

The second must have addon for firefox is Lastpass the free and secure password manager that works with many operating systems and web browsers.
The installation of lastpass on firefox is the same we did on xmarks  click tools then addons then type lastpass into the search bar then click install then restart firefox after restarting  create account email and master password check your email to confirm your account.

Lastpass password manager has getting started videos on their site to help you get started easily. Lastpass can fill in forms for you too making life in the fast-lane a lot easier.

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