Monday, May 20, 2013

How to fix no video on netflix desktop on linux

Netflix desktop uses special versions of wine and other files to work properly in linux
so you must uninstall prior versions of wine and other wine varients before installing
Netflix desktop, just go into your software center and search for wine, then click remove to uninstall it.

Wine variations like playonlinux and winetricks I would remove also,because they might conflict with the netflix desktop versions.

When all is uninstalled then uninstall your netflix desktop application,after do a cleanup with bleachbit if you do not have it just search in your software center to install it, this will clean up any remnants of any old wine programs.

The last  step in fixing the no video in your Netflix Desktop is to reinstall Netflix Desktop then everything should work smooth as silk.

To uninstall the old Netflix desktop go to menu then accessories then click on terminal in terminal type sudo apt-get remove netflix-desktop
then hit enter on your keyboard next you will have to put in your password,
then it will uninstall the program.

Install Netflix Desktop for linux go to the terminal type in
sudo apt-get install netflix-desktop
then select y when prompted then wait a few minutes until its finished installing.

Special PPA is called Personal Package Archive is software developers cutting edge updates to programs that can be used to update your software.

The first time you install Netflix Desktop you need to add a special PPA the steps are easy the first part is

1- sudo apt-add-repository ppa:ehoover/compholio

2-sudo apt-get update

3- sudo apt-get install netflix-desktop

That's it enjoy your Netflix on Linux have a great day and please follow my blog if you liked this post I will make a video soon if I get enough follows from this,have a great day.