Sunday, April 28, 2013

When your computer will not power on correctly

Power issues with your computer will cause strange things to happen,like reboots,or will not come on at all or even usb issues and the inability to install a operating system correctly.

The power supply is easy to remove and replace it usually has just four screws holding in place on a desktop unit they are in back  on most computers,
and on the inside you have a large plug that powers the motherboard its a 20 or 24 pin white or black connector press the tab down on the side to release and pull straight up,
then look for a 4 pin white or black connector with a tab on the side push that one in and pull straight out, also not all computers have this one.

The four pin white or black connectors called molex connectors do not have tabs on the side you just pull them out, they are tight so you may have to wiggle them a bit by holding on the plastic tight and wiggle and pull till they come out,do not pull on the wires itself, they may come loose.

The four pin white molex  or black connectors power the hard drive, cd and dvd drives,if there are any black thinner ones they are sata power connectors for sata drives
the wider ones are ide drives on older computers.

When your computer will not power on correctly
Power supply testing device can be as cheap as $15 at computer supply sites this is very easy to use just plug all the connectors from your power supply into this tester,
then plug the power into the back of the power supply then turn it on, the power should light up all the leads on the device and your fan should be turning the one in back of the unit and the bottom it it has two fans on it, the power that most often
goes out in my experience is the -5 volts.

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