Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What to check when your laptop monitor won't come on

Sometimes when you turn on a laptop. either the monitor stays black or its white with no picture. the things to check are the video and the screen.you can do this check by hooking up a external monitor.

On the side of your laptop there is a VGA connection that is usually blue with about 15 female connection holes that fit inside a monitors 15 pin VGA male end.

Once your external monitor is connected you start with you laptop off then as soon as its started use the function key on your laptop the one with fn on it then also hold down the key on your laptop that has a square or rectangle on it that means its for switching to a external monitor, when the switching is done your laptop will show
up on the external and if it looks good your problem will be in the display, if you never get a picture then either you did not do the fn monitor switch keys right or the video in your laptop is dead or even the motherboard it also could be
an inverter inside the screen case or the tubes, maybe even the display itself, inverters are very cheap replacement items for laptops and are usually the cause for these problems, so I start off with this.

The bulbs inside laptops can go also they are cheap to replace but are very fragile so it makes replacing these more difficult.

The new replacement screens for laptops can be pricey and then you have the labor charge also unless you do the job yourself.

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