Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Install Windows and Linux on separate Hard Drives

The easy way to duel boot Windows and Linux is to install them on separate hard drives. In the first step make sure your bios of your motherboard is set to boot from cd first check with the manufacture to see what keyboard key to press to enter the bios or setup, you can also check your monitor at boot up near the bottom for a message like press delete to enter setup or press F10 for setup, then when you are in the bios setup go to boot options then make sure cd is listed first sometimes you move an item up or down by taping your plus or minus key. The first operating system you want to install is Windows because Linux will see this at Install time and create you a duel boot menu usually called a grub menu, this is where you get to pick which operating system you want to boot up to. After Installing Windows for a security measure unplug the power from the hard drive you installed Windows on that way you will not accidentally erase any data on it installing Linux. When Linux is about half way installed, plug your windows power cable back in so it can detect it in the background before it completes installing and add your boot menu. That about as easy as it gets plus your operating Systems will have their own hard drives.

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