Tuesday, March 19, 2013

What to do when your pc mouse acts strange

The most common problems when a computer mouse acts strange is 1- it needs to be cleaned, the contacts inside can get loose dirt and lint inside internally and cause strange behaviour. The next set of problems can occur if your mouse hardware itself is bad like jerky mouse curser, mouse curser flashing or no curser at all, these can occur if the mouse is dirty too so its best to shut down your computer and clean it good, just make sure its dry before you turn it back on. The 2nd problems can occur when a PC that is using windows O/S shows the above signs from Malware such as Trojans, Viruses, Worms and other types of malware like Rogue software [a software that pretends to be something else, like a free security program or a free registry cleaner. The 3rd area that can cause strange mouse behaviour, is from bad pc software so if your mouse started to act strange right after you down loaded and installed a new game, it just might be the one that's causing your problem so just do a un-install of the newest program and see if your pc returns to its normal state.

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