Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Linux Pinguy Basics

Linux is installed usually from an ISO, an image disk of the operating system. this ISO has to be burned onto a dvd with a program for burning that has an ISO option such as Brasero for Linux which has the ISO option, or if you are using windows imgburn is free and has the ability to burn a ISO. Linux can be used or tested without installing it on your hard drive if you use a Distro(version of Linux) that is a live Disk that way you can try it without taken any risk. I am working on a full set of basic video tutorials that cover Pinguy 12.04 O/S on my youtube channel as of 2-25-2013 I have two uploaded that covers 1- updating your system and software 3 different ways and also wallpaper settings with Webilder. 2- I cover installing and removing software. In the first video there is a fourth way to update that I forgot to mention it is updating through the Terminal using the command sudo apt-get update then hit your enter key and it will update your system and software this command terminal way.Brasero can be installed through your software center in Linux and Imgburn if you have windows can be downloaded from Imgburn my youtube channel is larrydmi

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Some commands work with linux and windows

These two commands are two of the most useful and work with Windows and Linux, they are the copy and paste commands control key and c will do a copy if the text is highlighted or selected then in another word document you can paste this with control key and the v key for the paste function. These can be very handy to speed things up and are easy to remember c for copy v for paste, now I admit why its not control p I don't know but think of it as the paste command as a vacancy spot waiting for your copy to fill it up and you will remember it.
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