Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Install Linux Even If Your Cd/Dvd Drive Don't Work

Sometimes a computer device will just go bad,like cd/dvd drives then usually you cannot install a new Operating System because they require a dvd drive or cd drive,not any more with a piece of software called Unetbootin. Unetbootin allows you to install with your usb thumb drive or flash drive as they are sometimes called, just download unetbootin for your O/S like windows then install from the download, after its installed make sure your flash drive is plugged into a usb port then run the software, pick your linux iso you want to download such as linux mint then you are ready, select the O/S say Linux Mint then select the drive the usb is in say G: drive then install after picking your iso reboot and you will boot up into Linux mint the example in this lesson then just pick install from the desktop or just run the live linux version without effecting your hard drive. You can pick to install along side windows or use the whole hard drive, then you will have a new o/s installed without a working cd or dvd drive.
Install linux even if your cd/dvd drive don't work
To get unetbootin just go to Unetbootin its free and works with many utilities also such as SystemRescueCd, don't let that non working cd/dvd drive stop you from installing or trying a new O/S again.