Monday, November 11, 2013

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Purchase Amazon gift card with paypal funds

Amazon is a very popular site for buying online goods,but has one fault it does
not except paypal as a method to purchase your stuff,so what do you do? well I have found one solution to this problem, use another giant retailer's online store
to get your Amazon gift card (Wal-Mart) yes Wal-Mart lets you use your Paypal
funds to make your purchase! Thanks Wal-Mart.

The fee's are very cheap also, I purchased a $50 gift card for less then $4 with free shipping Too, so here is the best solution if you want to purchase from Amazon with your Paypal funds.

The other option is to apply for a Paypal Debit Card.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Finally a easy way to make money online

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Causes of Erratic Computer Mouse Behaviour

The usual suspects when dealing with erratic computer mouse behaviour are different for windows computers compared to Linux, because windows computers can show these signs from being infected with mal-ware{viruses,Trojans.worms and the like} while Linux or Apple computers usually only suffers these erratic mouse behaviour from hardware problems like dirty mouse contacts or settings are to low or to high in the mouse configuration settings in the control panel.

The Trackball mouse needs occasional cleaning, underneath the ball there are small contacts, that can get lint and dirt stuck in between and cause erratic behaviour, cleaning can be done with the device unplugged,then use q-tips and alcohol to clean out the contacts,then I like to dry mine after ward with a hair dryer just do not let it get to hot switch every 10 seconds or so between cold and hot should do a good job drying the mouse out. Sometimes the mouse is just worn out try another mouse if you have a spare to see if it has the erratic cursor movements too, if not your original mouse needs replacing.

Non trackball mice usually have a ball underneath with a lock down plate that unscrews counterclockwise to take off to clean inside clean these the same as above method with alcohol q-tips and a hair dryer then turn the computer back on and give it a test if it fails you will be needing a new mouse. Computer tips like this will keep your mouse running better and lasting longer saving you some money.

Erratic mouse behaviour  from Malware or Spyware on a pc, the best computer tips is to  1- run your anti-virus software and your  2- Anti-malware program like Malwarebytes Anti-Malware,  3-  Also check with other malware or antivirus scan tools like free online scans because more then one tool is needed to clean and prevent infections on a Windows PC.

How to computer tips to remove malware and viruses free online for any computer there are two sites that will let you upload files and check them with many scan tools at once they are 1- VirusTotal  and 2- Jotti they limit the size of the files you can scan VirusTotal limit is 64 megabytes  as of 8-27-2013 2- Jotti has a limit of 25 megabyte. The two sites listed above can also scan urls a website for Malware or links so you can find out if its safe before putting it on your computer.

Linux computer tip for Anti-Virus without limits on file size is to install Clamav



Microsoft Trackball Mouse

ball out of a Microsoft Trackball Mouse

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sample music and see album artwork

Sometimes you here of a good music artist by word of mouth, by a friend or someone you meet but have not experienced their music first hand, well you could go to one of the many online music stations but that takes time.

The easy way to experience the new artist and album art is EasySearchMusic
this site gives you free short samples of the music and album art you type in to a search box then automatically plays other songs in the album then it will switch
albums for you to sample.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Email Marketing to a List

One of the biggest way's to make money on the internet is by building a subscriber list and marketing to them, the problem is most list building systems
requires you to join a safe list that one of the rules are that you must receive
emails from other members,but not at 30minutelist this site works a bit different the only emails you receive are from the administrator.

30minutelist also makes it easy to set up, you will build your list with your autoresponder and make some money at the same time, when anyone upgrades
you can earn a commission.The autoresonder is very important if you don't
have one, this system includes hosting and tracking and the autoresponder
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Ultimate Marketing Center.

at 30minutelist you can also promote affiliate offers and make money through
your ads which when you start you will get free credits, so if you want to build a list to market to without getting tons of email in your inbox then sign up to 30minutelist today you will be glad you did.

More then Hosting autoresponders and tracking + more

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Free Backup Options For Linux Mac and Windows

Free backup options exist for any operating system today,like Mediafire mediafire works with Windows,Linux and mac you can get for free a10 gigabyte, at Mediafire
account but that's not all you can earn more by sharing it.

The three biggest reasons to use online cloud backup are
1- Backup disks llike, dvds and cds, flash drives and external hard drives can be damaged then they will not allow you to get any of your files off them.

2- Physical backup items can be lost or misplaced this is very disturbing when a computer crashes and you need that certain file now.

3- Physical backup items can also be stolen then restoring your files becomes impossible.

Eliminate  the chance of not being able to backup your device by getting a free account at Mediafire or other free online backup services, see list below

1-  Idrive works with Linux Mac and Windows free 5 gig account.

2-  Cyphertite also works with Linux,Mac and Windows free 8 gig account

3-  Amazon you get 5gb of free storage  works with  Linux Mac and Windows

4-  Wuala you get 5 gb of free storage works with Linux Mac and Windows

Now there is no excuse to not have your files backed up try one of these services
today you and your computer will be glad you did.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Backup your files without buying a external hard drive

There are many sites online that you can get a free account to backup your files,many of them will work with any operating system not just windows,like MediaFire which gives you 10 gigabyte for free,but gives you a few options to earn more space for free like referring friends and family through emails,Facebook and twitter. When you have a blog or website you can post a link and earn more storage for the ones that sign up from your referral link,so need a lot of space to backup everything just keep referring others and watch your storage grow for free at Mediafire and feel nice and secure that if your computer crashes your files will be safe and accessible anytime from anywhere.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Have fun and change your Life

There are some programs or systems that will let you have fun and change your life for the better one is called 30 minutes a you start off with a site that lets you play games and build an empire and end up making a nice monthly income in the process of three easy steps.

The games are many and are divided into categories like shooting,arcade puzzle
 and so on.

So what do you have to lose come sign up, its free and you will be having fun and making some money also

earn some cash starting with 30 minutes a week

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Can You Earn Money By Playing Games

Can you earn money by playing games? usually I would say no but a new website called  Kingdomcraze is changing the way we play games by allowing members to make money off the sites revenue from advertising and putting money into it if you desire to so my answer is yes you can
earn some cash playing games

There are many games to play and are really fun too, there are many options to earn also 1- by buying your way in 2- promoting the site 3- signing up for offers which some are free.

Kingdomcraze has plenty to offer and is growing fast its around 20,000 on alexa worldwide already so have some fun and make some xtra moola today you will be glad you did.

Monday, July 8, 2013

New Linux Videos

Hi I have uploaded new Linux videos on my Youtube channel a few weeks ago the newest one was how to install Netflix on Linux the other 2 are Shredding files on Linux and Stop repeating keys in Linux.

I will be also uploading two new ones soon 1- How to use Bleachbit to clean up your Linux system and 2- How to move and transfer files in Linux.

You can request a Video by leaving a comment here.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Fast Running Clock In Linux

Problems in Linux with the clock running fast can have many things direct as the cause, like Linux kernel bug a bad cmos battery maybe even the processor but what if its something easy and uncommon well that’s what I found the case to be with a  Abit NF-M2S Motherboard Running Zorin 7 64 bit O/S.

What I found to be the problem was the cmos jumper was in the wrong position,
and usually this position will be to reset the cmos or clear it, most of the time this position will not allow booting yet on the machine it did but with the clock
having erratic speeds and the seconds would jump all over.

Repositioning the jumper and then rebooting set the clock to normal, just goes to show you that even small things can cause strange behaviour.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Keystrokes repeating in Zorin 7 O/S

What to do about the keystrokes repeating problem when installing Zorin 7 O/S, that is based on Ubuntu 13.04, just go to the zorin menu at the bottom left then left click the Z then click on system tools then click on system settings,this will bring up a control panel like menu look for and then click on keyboard then uncheck  key presses repeat when key is held down then just close it out it should save the new settings for you.

stop repeating keystrokes on the keyboard with Zorin 7

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Setting up Printers in Linux

Setting up printers in linux is really easy and you can also add utilities that check printer functions as well, sometimes all is needed is plug your usb printer in then check under control center in the menu area and go down till you see printers then click on printers if your unit is off it will show paused and off.

Sometimes you need to set it up in CUPS in your web browser type localhost:631 then when you get there click on admin then add printer if your printer is not shown.
This is the area where you can add wireless printers or network printers make sure you find the drivers if you need them like an Epson printer XP 400 install then go into CUPS to set it up.

Utilities for printers under linux are available too in Software Center for HP printers and Canon and for Epson you will want stylus-toolbox it will let you know ink levels for older printers and ones with no display built in like XP 400 has this built into its display for you to check stats and setting up Wi Fi.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

How to cancel a print job in Linux

The first step to cancel a print job in Linux is to go into the command Terminal, by clicking menu then go to accessories then down to terminal, once there type lpstat if your printer is on and plugged in running a print job, the date and time are shown for the job with a number, type cancel 21 if 21 was the number of the print job you wanted to cancel,  the job will be stopped in a matter of seconds.

Monday, May 20, 2013

How to fix no video on netflix desktop on linux

Netflix desktop uses special versions of wine and other files to work properly in linux
so you must uninstall prior versions of wine and other wine varients before installing
Netflix desktop, just go into your software center and search for wine, then click remove to uninstall it.

Wine variations like playonlinux and winetricks I would remove also,because they might conflict with the netflix desktop versions.

When all is uninstalled then uninstall your netflix desktop application,after do a cleanup with bleachbit if you do not have it just search in your software center to install it, this will clean up any remnants of any old wine programs.

The last  step in fixing the no video in your Netflix Desktop is to reinstall Netflix Desktop then everything should work smooth as silk.

To uninstall the old Netflix desktop go to menu then accessories then click on terminal in terminal type sudo apt-get remove netflix-desktop
then hit enter on your keyboard next you will have to put in your password,
then it will uninstall the program.

Install Netflix Desktop for linux go to the terminal type in
sudo apt-get install netflix-desktop
then select y when prompted then wait a few minutes until its finished installing.

Special PPA is called Personal Package Archive is software developers cutting edge updates to programs that can be used to update your software.

The first time you install Netflix Desktop you need to add a special PPA the steps are easy the first part is

1- sudo apt-add-repository ppa:ehoover/compholio

2-sudo apt-get update

3- sudo apt-get install netflix-desktop

That's it enjoy your Netflix on Linux have a great day and please follow my blog if you liked this post I will make a video soon if I get enough follows from this,have a great day.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Must have addons for Firefox Web Browser

 Two of the most important parts of a users computer are bookmarks to their favourite websites and the passwords to sign in securely.

When a computer crashes or the hard drive  has to be reformatted for a reinstall of the operating system that runs it, these valuable items can be lost,the best and most easy solution is a addon  fo firefox the first is keeping are bookmarks or favorite websites info saved this can be done with xmarks addon to install just click on the tools option in the top of your browser to the left of help then click on get addons in the top right type in the search box xmarks then click install, after the install click restart firefox will be restarted next step is to add your account by giving it a email and login password then follow the steps to finish your account.

The second must have addon for firefox is Lastpass the free and secure password manager that works with many operating systems and web browsers.
The installation of lastpass on firefox is the same we did on xmarks  click tools then addons then type lastpass into the search bar then click install then restart firefox after restarting  create account email and master password check your email to confirm your account.

Lastpass password manager has getting started videos on their site to help you get started easily. Lastpass can fill in forms for you too making life in the fast-lane a lot easier.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Test your video card the easy way

Hi everyone, the best and one of the most easy ways to test any video card is by using a live Linux dvd or cd, the reason being is that if the live disk boots up well and runs programs like firefox and youtube videos fine then the video card is fine,but if the disk will not play any videos( long as its a newer live linux  disk) the video card has a problem.

Video cards that have major issues will usually not even boot up correctly with a linux live disk.

Make sure before you run this test that your computer bios is set to boot from a cd or dvd first this will be in your boot options moving the devices up or down sometimes is done by using the plus or minus keys or at the bottom of your screen will tell you how to move a device.

Burning a ISO is the way to make your own Live disk in windows you can use imageburn or imgburn, linux  you can use xfburn.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Pinguy 12.04 Basics #5 uploaded to Youtube

Hey everyone just wanted to let you know that I just uploaded number 5 in the series of Pinguy 12.04 basics.
This one is exciting because its full of multimedia and video burning applications
that everyone will love like sound juicer rip your music cds and even pulls the artist and song info for you as long as you have internet.

learn the basics of pinguy 12.04 linux
Devede can make movies that will play in any dvd player and xfburn can make an iso disk burn audio cds and burn data disks as well, oh and xfburn can erase a rewritable cd or dvd also. video is at

Three steps to keep you from being locked out of gmail

Number one while you can  set up a alternate email address to be contacted
Number two  make sure google has your cell number in your account for verification
Number three is the biggest one that most people will not do,its getting a password
manager to securely save your sites log in info.

My recomendation is Lastpass password manager not just because it is secure,
it is free and works on Linux,Windows and Mac is very easy to use,they even have a
video to help you get started using it.

Lastpass can be your best friend in a computing world,take advantage and use it
Three steps to keep you from being locked out of gmail
before disaster strikes.

Just uploaded Pinguy 12.04 Basics #4

Hey everyone I hope your day is going great I wanted you to know that #4 in the series of Pinguy 12.04 Basics has been uploaded to Youtube

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Pinguy Linux 12.04 Basics 3

 Hey everyone I uploaded a new video in the series Basics of Pinguy 12.04 Linux to my youtube channel  this new video covers Conky and removing it from startup also
it covers the brightness and lock settings for your display.

The third area it covers is how to recover the disappearing windows when the minimized area is selected in the top right corner of the screen.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

When your computer will not power on correctly

Power issues with your computer will cause strange things to happen,like reboots,or will not come on at all or even usb issues and the inability to install a operating system correctly.

The power supply is easy to remove and replace it usually has just four screws holding in place on a desktop unit they are in back  on most computers,
and on the inside you have a large plug that powers the motherboard its a 20 or 24 pin white or black connector press the tab down on the side to release and pull straight up,
then look for a 4 pin white or black connector with a tab on the side push that one in and pull straight out, also not all computers have this one.

The four pin white or black connectors called molex connectors do not have tabs on the side you just pull them out, they are tight so you may have to wiggle them a bit by holding on the plastic tight and wiggle and pull till they come out,do not pull on the wires itself, they may come loose.

The four pin white molex  or black connectors power the hard drive, cd and dvd drives,if there are any black thinner ones they are sata power connectors for sata drives
the wider ones are ide drives on older computers.

When your computer will not power on correctly
Power supply testing device can be as cheap as $15 at computer supply sites this is very easy to use just plug all the connectors from your power supply into this tester,
then plug the power into the back of the power supply then turn it on, the power should light up all the leads on the device and your fan should be turning the one in back of the unit and the bottom it it has two fans on it, the power that most often
goes out in my experience is the -5 volts.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What to check when your laptop monitor won't come on

Sometimes when you turn on a laptop. either the monitor stays black or its white with no picture. the things to check are the video and the can do this check by hooking up a external monitor.

On the side of your laptop there is a VGA connection that is usually blue with about 15 female connection holes that fit inside a monitors 15 pin VGA male end.

Once your external monitor is connected you start with you laptop off then as soon as its started use the function key on your laptop the one with fn on it then also hold down the key on your laptop that has a square or rectangle on it that means its for switching to a external monitor, when the switching is done your laptop will show
up on the external and if it looks good your problem will be in the display, if you never get a picture then either you did not do the fn monitor switch keys right or the video in your laptop is dead or even the motherboard it also could be
an inverter inside the screen case or the tubes, maybe even the display itself, inverters are very cheap replacement items for laptops and are usually the cause for these problems, so I start off with this.

The bulbs inside laptops can go also they are cheap to replace but are very fragile so it makes replacing these more difficult.

The new replacement screens for laptops can be pricey and then you have the labor charge also unless you do the job yourself.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Install Windows and Linux on separate Hard Drives

The easy way to duel boot Windows and Linux is to install them on separate hard drives. In the first step make sure your bios of your motherboard is set to boot from cd first check with the manufacture to see what keyboard key to press to enter the bios or setup, you can also check your monitor at boot up near the bottom for a message like press delete to enter setup or press F10 for setup, then when you are in the bios setup go to boot options then make sure cd is listed first sometimes you move an item up or down by taping your plus or minus key. The first operating system you want to install is Windows because Linux will see this at Install time and create you a duel boot menu usually called a grub menu, this is where you get to pick which operating system you want to boot up to. After Installing Windows for a security measure unplug the power from the hard drive you installed Windows on that way you will not accidentally erase any data on it installing Linux. When Linux is about half way installed, plug your windows power cable back in so it can detect it in the background before it completes installing and add your boot menu. That about as easy as it gets plus your operating Systems will have their own hard drives.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

What to do when your pc mouse acts strange

The most common problems when a computer mouse acts strange is 1- it needs to be cleaned, the contacts inside can get loose dirt and lint inside internally and cause strange behaviour. The next set of problems can occur if your mouse hardware itself is bad like jerky mouse curser, mouse curser flashing or no curser at all, these can occur if the mouse is dirty too so its best to shut down your computer and clean it good, just make sure its dry before you turn it back on. The 2nd problems can occur when a PC that is using windows O/S shows the above signs from Malware such as Trojans, Viruses, Worms and other types of malware like Rogue software [a software that pretends to be something else, like a free security program or a free registry cleaner. The 3rd area that can cause strange mouse behaviour, is from bad pc software so if your mouse started to act strange right after you down loaded and installed a new game, it just might be the one that's causing your problem so just do a un-install of the newest program and see if your pc returns to its normal state.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

When Linux Won't Install

There can be many reasons why linux will not install correctly like a bad cd or dvd a bad hard drive a bad optical drive or one thing that will cause errors and other strange behavior is bad system memory. I recently was working on a new install that had a few of these issues the dvd drive was bad so I replaced it and still came up with errors saying it could be the cd/dvd drive or the hard drive, this error came right after the area settings where you would pick your destination from a map then input your user name and password, I already did a test on the hard drive so I knew it was ok. At the beginning of a install from the Pinguy 12.04 dvd there is an option to test your memory, so I did and both sticks of ram was bad,I replaced the memory and then Pinguy was able to install correctly. Computer memory that is bad can cause very strange behavior so it is best to do a scan on it first, the scan will save you a lot of time and headaches and will only take around 15 minutes to show a bad stick usually.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Linux Pinguy Basics

Linux is installed usually from an ISO, an image disk of the operating system. this ISO has to be burned onto a dvd with a program for burning that has an ISO option such as Brasero for Linux which has the ISO option, or if you are using windows imgburn is free and has the ability to burn a ISO. Linux can be used or tested without installing it on your hard drive if you use a Distro(version of Linux) that is a live Disk that way you can try it without taken any risk. I am working on a full set of basic video tutorials that cover Pinguy 12.04 O/S on my youtube channel as of 2-25-2013 I have two uploaded that covers 1- updating your system and software 3 different ways and also wallpaper settings with Webilder. 2- I cover installing and removing software. In the first video there is a fourth way to update that I forgot to mention it is updating through the Terminal using the command sudo apt-get update then hit your enter key and it will update your system and software this command terminal way.Brasero can be installed through your software center in Linux and Imgburn if you have windows can be downloaded from Imgburn my youtube channel is larrydmi

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Some commands work with linux and windows

These two commands are two of the most useful and work with Windows and Linux, they are the copy and paste commands control key and c will do a copy if the text is highlighted or selected then in another word document you can paste this with control key and the v key for the paste function. These can be very handy to speed things up and are easy to remember c for copy v for paste, now I admit why its not control p I don't know but think of it as the paste command as a vacancy spot waiting for your copy to fill it up and you will remember it.
edit open office writer Some commands work with linux and windows

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Install Linux Even If Your Cd/Dvd Drive Don't Work

Sometimes a computer device will just go bad,like cd/dvd drives then usually you cannot install a new Operating System because they require a dvd drive or cd drive,not any more with a piece of software called Unetbootin. Unetbootin allows you to install with your usb thumb drive or flash drive as they are sometimes called, just download unetbootin for your O/S like windows then install from the download, after its installed make sure your flash drive is plugged into a usb port then run the software, pick your linux iso you want to download such as linux mint then you are ready, select the O/S say Linux Mint then select the drive the usb is in say G: drive then install after picking your iso reboot and you will boot up into Linux mint the example in this lesson then just pick install from the desktop or just run the live linux version without effecting your hard drive. You can pick to install along side windows or use the whole hard drive, then you will have a new o/s installed without a working cd or dvd drive.
Install linux even if your cd/dvd drive don't work
To get unetbootin just go to Unetbootin its free and works with many utilities also such as SystemRescueCd, don't let that non working cd/dvd drive stop you from installing or trying a new O/S again.