Monday, December 3, 2012

Peoplestring let us down

Hi I want to apologize for Peoplestring because of what they did to me and all my downline 140 of them from mymailboxincome they did not pay out any money that was due me or my downline and closed down without even a email to their members or a video explaining what was going on with their company. I am deleting my youtube video about Peoplestring and Mymailboxincome Today the reason I am deleting mymailboxincome too is it simply is not living up to its word that everyone makes money in this system I did not or my 140 downline members. I believe it was because of the Hype about making money with Peoplestring for free so members did not want to upgrade in other stages or steps in the system.and I did not want any part in Mymailboxincomes new MyTrialBux because I do not want to complete offers to make money.