Monday, October 22, 2012

The Correct Order To Tuneup Your PC

The first step to tuneup your computer
The first step to tuneup your pc should be to scan and get rid of any malware on your computer,malware being viruses, trojans,worms,rogue software and any keyloggers. The tools you use to do this should consist of your main anti-spyware, antivirus software,and one or two other malware cleanup software programs like malwarebytes anti-malware or super-antispyware. The second scan should be in safe mode with networking and with malwarebytes ant-malware run the update first then do a full scan which might take a few hours depending on how large your hard drive is. The second part of your pc tuneup should be to clean the registry and cookies on your pc I use Ccleaner which is free and will do a very good job of cleaning and is safe to use, some registry cleaners can leave your pc in a non bootable state. The last step I take is to defrag the hard drive in safe mode with Ultradefrag this program is free also and even has a built in boot time defrag which you can enable in the settings then reboot your pc, also when you defrag run it in Optimize my hard drive mode it will move your files that are used the most to the fastest part of the hard drive so they start up faster.

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