Sunday, September 23, 2012

Gaming On Linux

Gaming on linux may be getting better very soon, why you say, because they have a new player in their field, Valve company the one that made the steam client and runs many games on windows, are working on a client for Ubuntu Linux. The details are on a new blog they put up GamingOnLinux So don't give up on trying linux because you think they will never have good games to play on the linux Operating System thanks to Valvesoftware things are going to change for the better in the linux world.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

What is Malware and How to get rid of it

Malware is a any software,site or email that causes harm to your computer. The how to get rid of malware is a three step process,if you are using a windows computer that is, one is you have to have a active internet security program or a antivirus software. The second step is you should have a good anti-malware remover if you don't then I recommend Mal ware-Bytes Anti-Malware this is what will scan your computer for malware that your antivirus or internet security software might miss. The third step is your software on your computer must be checked to make sure its all up to date with no security holes, part of this is making sure your windows is up to date,but another part is all other software this can be a headache going from one program site to another and checking your version compared to the new one. One thing to make this super easy is to download a free program for windows computers called PSI its made by a security firm and is free at their site Secunia this will do most of the work for you it will scan your computer then let you know how many and what programs need updating.some will have auto update then some will give you a link that you can click to update.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Peoplestring Problems

Hi all there has been a problem with people string being redirected in a loop that won't finish it should be just People then you log in but it seems to be going to People then it will not go to the log in page,but if you hit the back button on your browser the left arrow next to the address bar it will let you log in sometimes,its not the browser I have tried it on three different ones and the new versions of Firefox,Opera and chrome and it will not work in IE8 either. you can still earn points from checking email and shopping and a few others but lotto is not working or Guess which hand has some issues, prize wheel I believe is still working. I tried to email support but did not have any luck I will keep trying to get some info on the problem.