Sunday, August 19, 2012

zeek rewards suckered people in

I tried to warn a few people I know about Zeekrewards program but some signed up and put money in it anyway, well what I told them is what company closes support on the weekend? and what company that is legit has many links in their back office that leads to a non working page and where is their payment processor to pay their affiliates? These are some of the things you can check before jumping in on a home biz offer! so you will not meet the bad end of the stick you might say. Legit programs have payment processors like Payza which is kinda like paypal but for making money online. The best multi program system I have seen is Mymailboxincome the system is free and the programs are legit and been around for a while they will make you money and are good services and products that you will be proud of.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Malware is at a all time high

As reported by malwarebytes one of the best and trusted companies for computer security and spyware and malware removal recently did a report about the most malware removed in certain states and in this list California is number 1 and Florida is number 2. The most important thing is if you have a windows computer make sure it is protected and its updated. the next thing to do is make sure you have a good removal tool in addition to your internet security or antivirus software like malwarebytes anti-malware. The programs and operating system needs to be up to date as well because hackers and virus writers look for holes in your security and vulnerabilities in your software where they can find a way in,so do yourself a favor and keep your system updated. There is one company that makes software that will make checking and updating you software very easy and its free for personal us it is PSI by Secunia.