Monday, July 23, 2012

Don't forget your user names or passwords

A lot of sites require you to sign up with a email address and select a user name and password, to sign in to your account. Most people will not have a password manager this will usually mean a lot of people will forget their user name or password to get in to their account. The good news is that you can get a first class password manager and form filler for windows computers for about $10 a year now from Roboform, which use to be the best password manager I have used but now I use LastPass which is cross platform and free.There is other free alternatives and ones that will work with linux apple o/s and more like keepass password safe which is free, also their is a opera browser extension or add on that works with roboform. When trying to make money online you need a password manager so you let the software handle all of the accounts you only have to remember the master password to get in to the password manager and it also speeds up the process and fills in the forms for you at least roboform will.

Lastpass free password manager

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