Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Test windows security software

I have run and used about all security and anti-spyware software there is and the one test you can use is do a scan with the best anti-malware product and do one in safe mode in windows, the product is Malwarebytes-anti-malware this has proved itself to be the best anti-malware out there for finding and removing infections on a windows pc. The best security software keeps your pc clean and removes malware and has the ability to clean up windows like disinfect and restore windows. One internet security suite I have tested that comes up with a clean scan from malwarebytes anti-malware is Kaspersky Internet Security. When you use your computer its best to have a paid product to protect you from the bad stuff,sure you might use a free anti-virus and get by but is it worth it when you have to pay hundreds of dollars in clean up or restoring your computer then losing important files like pictures and scanned documents? Test your anti-virus and anti-spyware today do a scan with malware-bytes anti-malware in safe mode with networking this is so very few programs load at startup but will allow malwarebytes anti-malware to update, run the scan if it finds loads of malware then you need better protection. Another way to keep your computer in top shape is make sure to not only update windows but also your programs too.

how to remove malware with the free windows software malwarebytes

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