Monday, June 18, 2012

How to fixes for dvdFlick

Sometimes problems like sound out of sync with the video or just plain video or dvd not working can have a easy solution. the first thing to do to prevent such problems is make sure your folder you create is on the main hard drive or another internal the reason is that you will have much greater transfer speed then with usb 2. Number 2 make sure your windows is up to date and your programs, windows is easy to make sure it is updated if auto updates is turned on,if not go to the control panel of windows and make sure its on. Your programs are not so easy to get updates for unless you have the free program Secunia PSI installed on your computer it will scan and check all your software for updates and some it will auto update for you. When you have issues with your video sometimes its the driver of your video to blame for it. There are easy ways to update drivers now if you have a nvidida or ATI based card or internal,just go to the site say ati which will be amd then go to and pick support and drivers then just select your card and operating system and go to your download recommendation. Another problem area for software is that its files get corrupted and then the only solution is to uninstall the software cleanup the registry afterword and then re-install the software making sure you install the latest version from the company site. Sometimes software works with other programs so make sure you have these and that they are updated an example is many programs run on adobe air so make sure this program is the current one you install. Software of some companies use services like framework so make sure this is updated too.

Dvdflick free software to make your own dvd on your windows pc

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