Sunday, May 13, 2012

Top 5 Ways To Speed Up Your PC

1- Defrag Your Hard Drive Doing this in safe mode will defrag more files and be faster also on most windows pc tap the f8 key before booting up to go into safe mode,and I recommend Smart defrag. 2- Clean your cookies and registry every week or two, I recommend Ccleaner for this job because it is easy and safe and I also have a video tutorial on my youtube channel if you need it. 3-Make sure windows update is set to update windows for you if not have it download and let you know so you can decide when to install them. 4-Keep your programs up to date,one automatic way to do this is install PSI from secunia .com it will scan your pc for out of date software and update some for you automatically. 5-Keep Your computer Up to date with good Security software like Kaspersky Internet Security and run a scan every other day, one good xtra piece of software to have for this is Malwarebytes Anti-Malware its free and can remove many spyware and malware from your computer safely, I have a tutorial of this one on my youtube channel also at youtubemychannel

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Diana Guess said...

I totally agree with these ways of speeding up a computer. They were also told by a friend who works at IT company Toronto. He taught me everything I must know about computers and I must admit that I didn't have problems and hopefully I won't have, because he recommended me CCleaner... a good maintenance software.