Sunday, April 22, 2012

Firefox 11 not playing videos 2

Firefox 11 sometimes will not play videos correctly in windows and linux here are some things to check for when having this trouble, check at if your flash version is old this site will let you download for the browser of your choice say if you want it for opera open opera and go to the site,if its for firefox 11 open firefox there are versions for many web browsers out there. Some video on windows machines may need Microsofts Silverlight installed,and some require divx codecs and others may require you to have apple quicktime player installed. On linux machines make sure all updates are installed some are for firefox to work correctly. Video drivers are very important for smooth video playback check the manufactures site for the latest ones for the best performance. If your video is not known go to the site that makes your pc and search on the model you have in the support section under downloads for your video drivers.

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