Monday, February 13, 2012

Don't Get Locked Out Of Your Email Account Save Passwords With A Password Manager

Disaster strikes computer users in many ways, but the one that can be prevented the most are lockouts because of not remembering passwords to a account. Email accounts, membership accounts and even paypal and bank accounts we all need good passwords that will keep us protected but the problem is we can not remember all of them,well there is a solution to the problem its installing a password manager,a password manager is a piece of software that is installed on your computer and saves your passwords in a encrypted safe form that knowone else can read or open your software even on a program like Keepass Password Safe witch is free. Another popular program that saves passwords and log in forms is Roboform this program has a $30 price tag for its unlimited version. Other ways to keep from getting locked out of accounts is putting a secondary email address in the preferences of all your email accounts or member accounts this will let them contact you when there is a problem. Keepass password Safe will let you even do a printout of your accounts including passwords and all other info that you can keep in a secure location in case of disaster.

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