Friday, January 13, 2012

Computer Tips For Newbies Easy Learn

There are many ways to learn about any subject of interest, but the problem with most of them, you only remember part of the subject with most learning methods. Video learning on the other hand when done as the over the shoulder method,newbies on any subject can take in almost 100% at the first viewing as long as there are no distractions going on while they are viewing the content. The how to type of computer tips on video is like watching a movie that you can enjoy and relax while soaking up the knowledge a lot quicker then say reading a article or a book,and even if all is not remembered right away you will just rewind that video or fast forward to cement in that spot of knowledge that slipped by the first time. Computer Tips that are about assembling or dismantling something,say putting together a computer from scratch,can be practised right after watching a video or during the video with simple push of the pause button. How to remove spyware from your computer is easy if you can watch someone else removing it and watching over their shoulder how its done. Articles that use images are a help, but not as good as video for learning,that's why youtube is so popular like over 3 billion views a day as of may 2011 that's a lot of views. Youtube consists of channels that have a list of videos on them they can be very short or longer depending on their account type, youtube has their own search box for searching videos on their site and is very fast.

over the shoulder learning

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