Monday, January 2, 2012

Computer Shuts Down is Not a Power Supply Problem

Sometimes a computer that is shutting down after every restart is not a power supply problem. First let me give you the computer specs The computer was a custom build that I did and is about 5 years old its motherboard is a ASRock K8NFG-SATA2 a socket 754 with an AMD Altlon 2.4 Gigahertz I believe.

 I was doing a normal install of XP pro and yes I still sometimes use it because I like XP, not as much as Linux but its ok. I was almost finished with the updates maybe a little under 200 or so,then I noticed there was a few Hardware driver updates listed on the windows update site,usually I stay away from driver updates from here because of compatibility problems with different pcs, yet one of them was for the AMD processor so I thought this must be ok to install.

 The main updates were finished so I started AMD processor update so I shut the computer down when all updates were finished, when I restarted the computer in the mourning it would get to just before windows loads and shut down it did this a few times before I decided to check the bios settings in the motherboard, for a quick shot at fixing a related driver problem that this update could have done I went to one of the top tabs then setting the motherboard back to Optimum Settings, did a restart and checked to see if windows would load all the way and it did.

 On this ASROCK K8NF4G-SATA2 it was the f2 key that puts you in to the bios settings sometimes it is a good idea to check the bios settings or to revert them to the optimum settings then save it and do a restart.

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