Monday, December 5, 2011

The Best Place To Backup Your Computer

There are a few places you can pick to back up your computer, like another partition that you create on your hard drive, another hard drive that is installed inside your computer,or even a external device like a flash drive or sometimes called a thumb
drive but the best pick would be a external hard drive.

The external hard drive is the best pick, because you can get very large sizes pretty cheap and when you back it up its not likely to get corrupted, because it is not connected all the time.

There are more places to backup your computer also, like online accounts but you have to have a good running system to access the internet and Prey the connection stays put while your backup is running.

External hard drives sometimes even come with one click backup software,or you can use your own. My favourite way for a backup is doing an image with Macrium Reflect its fast and easy to use and will let you choose a external, internal or dvd or cd writables for your backup source.

External Hard drive

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