Thursday, December 29, 2011

Repair Your Own Hard Drive Problem

Since computer users are human, the user can be the primary cause of computer failure. And we operators of our computers are in most cases but that, we operate the computer but know very little concerning software and hardware components and peripherals.

Since this is the case, you should ASSUME NOTHING when diagnosing any computer problem. We diagnosed a new PC with a video display problem. After briefly looking at the video card it took a while to see that the video card was not pushed into the adaptor slot completely.

Even though I looked at the card, I failed to check it thoroughly. This cause me to spend more time on troubleshooting that was not needed.The thought of a hard drive failure strikes terror in the heart of every computer user.

This is because a hard drive failure may lead to invaluable data loss. Here are the most common procedures you should perform when you experience hard drive failure.

General Hard Drive Troubleshooting

The hard drive can display problems such as "retry, abort, ignore" or "cannot read sectors" while operating. This is an indication that there may be bad or unreadable spots on the drive. Reformatting and reinstalling the operating system can normally correct this problem. This will cause you to loose all data on your drive so it is important to always have a good backup of yourfiles daily.

There are good good utilities you can purchase that can repair hard drive problems without destroying data. The utility Spinrite is a good utility and only cost a little over $100.00 which is a good price if you want to avoid the hassle of reformatting the drive and restoring the operating system. Here are some general hard drive problems you should start from and we'll be more specific later.

Use Operating System Utilities

First you may be able to correct those bad spots and errors from your hard drive by performing those PC maintenance in the operating system. Windows has Disk Defragment and you should run disk defragment after running Scandisk since scandisk will need to fix any problems it finds. After scanning the drive and defraging the files, run Disk Cleanup to ensure all junk files have been delete.

Check Drive cables and connections

If there is on indication that the drive is receiving power (you don't hear that familiar clicking noise or the drive light is no working) check the 4 wire connector coming from the power supply.

If the connection is secure, you can remove the power supply connector and do two things. You can check to see if there is voltage with a multimeter. But its much faster to connect another 4 wire connector to the drive to see if the drive works. There are normally extra connectors from the power supply or you can use the connection to the cdrom drive to test for voltage from the power supply.

If the connection indicates no or very little voltage (4 volts or less) from the power supply, the power supply may be going bad. Now check and double check all connections, especially if you are someone else have recently worked inside the computer.

If the drive will not boot up...?

Boot the computer with your bootable DOS disk. If you don't have one made, STOP and make one NOW by clicking on Start, Settings, Control Panel, Add and Remove Programs and Startup Disk.

Try to access drive C: by typing DIR C: and press Enter. If you see the directories on drive C: try to make the drive bootable by typing sys a: c: and press Enter. The system files should be restored and the drive may be restored to boot on its own.

If this fails, you may have to reformat and partition the drive with the setup utility that came with your drive or computer.

If the Drive boots but hangs up at boot...?

Turn the computer off, open the system unit and disconnect the ribbon cable at the motherboard end. Turn on the PC AND You will get an error message that the drive is bad and in most cases will go into your BIOS. Change the hard drive type to AUTO and shut off the computer.

Reconnect the ribbon cable and see if the hard works properly. The drive settings should be restored and should operate fine.

A hard drive that fails to boot up may also have a bad controller. If the controller is mounted on the hard drive, there is not much you can do except replace the drive.

Hard Drive Troubleshooting

Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Best Gift You Can Give

Hello Everyone and Merry Christmas, the best gift you can give is the knowledge of
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I believe one of the most important things in life is good health, and to get there you need the sources of good health knowledge and changing the way we eat and drink.
My gift to you all is showing you two sources of knowledge that will help you change your health and life, and I will not receive any kind of commission on these links at all, these are your 2011 gifts of good health.

The first site Natural Health School
The second site is Gary Gordon Research
Learn The FIGHT program from Gary Gordon this will help you big time with the knowledge you need for optimize your health,

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Monday, December 5, 2011

The Best Place To Backup Your Computer

There are a few places you can pick to back up your computer, like another partition that you create on your hard drive, another hard drive that is installed inside your computer,or even a external device like a flash drive or sometimes called a thumb
drive but the best pick would be a external hard drive.

The external hard drive is the best pick, because you can get very large sizes pretty cheap and when you back it up its not likely to get corrupted, because it is not connected all the time.

There are more places to backup your computer also, like online accounts but you have to have a good running system to access the internet and Prey the connection stays put while your backup is running.

External hard drives sometimes even come with one click backup software,or you can use your own. My favourite way for a backup is doing an image with Macrium Reflect its fast and easy to use and will let you choose a external, internal or dvd or cd writables for your backup source.

External Hard drive