Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Two clicks to fix most internet connection problems

When you are having connection or speed problems with your internet,whether you have a dsl modem or a cable modem all you have to do to fix most connection or speed problems is to power the unit off for a few minutes a little longer if its overheated.

The power switch is usually located in the back of the device, it can be a push button or a toggle switch, just give it a push or switch it until it goes off,it is better if you do it with your computer off.

Powering off your dsl or cable modem then powering back up before starting your computer will get you a new connection from your isp which may turn out to be a much better one.if not just re-power the dsl or cable modem again.

Some ISP Internet Service Providers call this resetting your modem, if you have any other problems call your internet providers toll free number for more assistance.

DSL Modem

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