Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fixing Computer Problems From Hardware

Sometimes a computer behaves rather strangely and its source is not Malware! but, driver problems instead.
Fixing these problems can be hard to pinpoint,but the way I do it is simply rule the hardware out one by one by checking the driver dates on the main hardware first then start with the major items like the video card.

Most versions of windows there is a shortcut to the device driver right click with your mouse on my computer,then click on properties then left click on hardware button then on to device manager.
Now that you are in device manager look under display adapters first,then go to the video card name then go down the menu and left click properties here you will be on the driver properties showing at top from left to right first will be the general tab then driver then details then resources, then click on driver this will show the date,if its older then a year go to the manufacturers site of the motherboard or the video card makers site.

Video cards that are the most common are ones from ATI which is owned by AMD now and Nvidia if you have either one of these go to there site to get your update, you have to select by model series say radion 4800 then you select the operating system you have try to get WHQL tested drivers these are ones that are certified to work correctly on windows o/s.

The next hardware driver that can cause strange problems is your sound card, this driver is usually built in to your motherboard unless you installed one or it had a card in it,to check look in the back of your computer if its a desktop unit and see if your speaker connection are horizontal to the backof the computer or vertical, if its vertical its on-board sound or built in so go to the motherboard manufactures site and check for driver updates.

Device manager
Network cards can cause problems also sometimes its a driver update from windows itself that causes a problem then if it is you can try rolling back your drivers to see if it fixes the issues.


System Properties

Driver Details

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