Monday, October 3, 2011

Whats The Main Part Of A Computer Anyway?

The main part of a computer goes by three different names 1- Motherboard this is called motherboard because the older units had daughter boards that were plugged into it. 2- System Board and  3-  last but not least is the
Main Board. These boards have the chipsets that run them and the processor slot that holds the cpu or the
Central Processing Unit.

On These boards you will also find your memory slots which can be SDR, DDR DDR2 or DDR3 and even DDR 4 video cards often have newer memory then computers do so a brand new video  card can be using
DDR 5.

Mainboards are probably the most common name used now. Other Slots on the mainboard are PCI, AGP ISA,PCI Express ISA is an old slot that is not used any more on modern systems, also AGP is an older slot for video and is still better far as speed then a plain PCI slot is.

The newer mainboards will have PCI Express 16 Slot or slots for video. Some mainboards have a built in video connector usually VGA or an analog signal, some have also a DVI or a digital hookup to,just make sure you have a newer lcd  monitor if you want to use this one.

The new models of mainboards may have usb 3 also which is a lot faster the usb 2. The way to tell if a desktop computer has a video card in it is look at the back if the video connection is vertical it is an onboard connection, but when the video is in the side to side  position its a video card.

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