Friday, October 14, 2011

Turn Your Snail Slow Computer Into A fast Jack Rabbit

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
It does not matter if you have windows 2000,  Xp Vista or windows 7 with 5 steps you can change the slow snail computer into a fast jack rabbit. 1-  the first thing is to make sure you have no trojans, viruses or other malware by doing a full scan with the free software Malwarebytes Ant-malware, this is the best cleanup utility
out there.   

2- Clean up your registry one of the best registry cleaners out there that is very safe and easy to use is Ccleaner     

Smart Defrag speed up your hard drive
3- Defragment your hard drive with smart defrag 2.2

4- Install and run NTREGOPT you should however turn off User Account Control in Vista’s system settings.

5- Run smart defrag boot time click turn on boot time defrag option then click only next boot. you can download malwarebytes from HERE

You can download Ccleaner from HERE

You can download Smart Defrag From HERE If any more detailed info is needed check out my tutorials on my youtube channel  HERE

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