Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tech Genius Steve Jobs Gone

Steve jobs will be missed by all, even Microsoft windows users,Linux users because we all at some point enjoyed his inventions like the Ipod or  Iphone or just Itunes the well known media center. Steve died of cancer
which  is fought with the knowledge of medical doctors  and a few procedures.

This has reminded me of the most important thing in life and that's our health, without it nothing matters.
We need to start taking more charge of are own health, for instance learning what makes us tick,I don't mean that everybody learn how to be a doctor but simply learn all you can to better your health.

It can be easy and fun to learn more about your health just try another great source is Dr Mercola free video's that will entertain and educate you on good health. Water and pure water is very important that we all overlook but is filtration good enough to take out all the bad and put in what we need.

Treatment centers that do wonders for some cancer patients Burzynsky Clinic is one of if not the best out there.

The one thing you can take that will make a difference is Pine Bark or Pycnogynol it will help you. I am not a health care doctor but am speaking of my own experience with Pine Bark and have been taking it for a few years now.

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