Monday, October 17, 2011

Lightning Fast and Easy Moving Files For Backup

There are many ways to move files for backup,but some of those are awkward or slow such as
lassoing, this works when you grab a group of files by clicking your left mouse button near a icon,
then go down to next icon where you want to end,be careful to not click on an icon only next to them.

You will see a line when left clicking near the first group at the top,this should follow towards the end icons,when all icons have the cowboy lasso around them just keep your left mouse button down then click the right menu,
 to get your right menu to come up, then send to the folder or drive you want. If the send to menu does not have the folder or drive in the menu you can create new ones with send to toys program its free.

Right Click MenuFolder View
You can move the files by dragging to another drive but is very tricky to go where you want it to.

The easy way is to just right click all the icons after performing the cowboy lasso method, then using the send to menu to move them.

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