Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Comodo computer Firewall Training

Computer firewalls can be a very good thing,after all they are what blocks the bad guys and bad sites from causing havoc on your computer. Sometimes the firewalls block good programs, hardware and even ports
that are used for legit software such as for instant messaging.

Training your computer firewall can help I am referring to a software firewall like Comodo Firewall.
Comodo has a training mode you can enable some other firewalls do too.

Comodo firewall menu options

firewall security Level
Under Firewall security Level in Comodo click training 
Training Mode

Other ways to tame your firewall is to go under the firewall tab by left clicking your mouse the tell it your trusted application then select ok when done.

Comodo Internet Security

Define a trusted application
Then Select Browse  Then go to Local Disk left click there then left click to select Program files to find what programs you want to select as trusted.

File Groups

select the application

In the bottom example we are going from the program folder to the left of us by left clicking your mouse then on to BSR screen recorder lrft clicking it to go on to inside our folder for bsr screen recorder
looking for the icon exe it looks like the desktop icon but no arrow beside it

select the application 2
select the application 3
last  define a Trusted Application
Then last left click the apply button

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