Thursday, October 27, 2011

Top Solutions To Your Spyware And Adware Problems

The threat of spyware and adware programs has become a widespread problem among computer users. This is one of the unwanted side effects of the online world. Just as making the world a smaller place for everybody, the Internet has brought the proliferation of malicious programs and applications that work its way into individual computers and do their damage in a variety of ways.

If you are a computer user always going online, you are not exempt to the threat of spyware and adware programs. You are always open to the possibility of being infected with such software programs that can become a hassle and a problem in more ways than one. While surfing online, you may suddenly experience a window popping up on your desktop. This can be an example of an adware.

Adware programs are actually legitimate programs that try to promote a certain product or service to online users like you. Some adware programs are relatively safe and may not do as much as to advertise a certain product in a couple of seconds or two.

But there are other adware programs that seem to  push their advertisements too far. These adware programs go as far as trying to bombard your desktop repeatedly with ads until it becomes more of a hassle instead of just trying to get your attention for a couple of seconds. Sometimes adware programs attach themselves into your own computer so that every time you use it, you might find yourself as a constant witness to their ever frustrating and distracting work slowing down your computer.

There are also other malicious programs and applications that you may unknowingly or mistakenly attached or downloaded into your computer. These spyware programs can be a problem in a number of ways. There are spyware programs that can monitor your computer use as well as your surfing habits. They can keep an eye on what Internet sites you frequent and what you usually do on your computer. This information is then being recorded and sent to someone else online who might be interested in such data.

There are also other spyware programs that can record your keystrokes and send the information to the spyware author. These recorded keystrokes will be able to provide computer hackers with a wealth of valuable information such as secret passwords, credit card numbers as well as email addresses.

This type of spyware program can make it easy for hackers to retrieve such sensitive personal information that can be used at your own expense. Other spyware programs can scan files on your hard drive secretly, attach other spyware programs into your computer, install and lock its own brand of web browser and many other malicious things.

In order for you to prevent these malicious programs from getting into your hard drive, you may need to have an anti spyware and adware program installed. An anti spyware and adware programs work by trying to block unwanted programs trying to get access into your computer.
Other ways to keep unwanted probes and other hacks to your computer is with a good firewall,
like Comodo firewall, keeping your windows up to date and staying away from peer to peer downloading sites that may have spyware attached to the downloads.

Whenever a certain malicious program tries to get its way into your computer, the anti spyware program becomes your primary weapon against such unwanted applications. Anti adware and spyware programs like Malwarebytes Anti-malware usually have a database of known malicious programs that enable them to identify spyware or adware and block them long as you are using the pro version from your computer. This useful program also has removal tools available that may help you get rid of the worst malicious spyware or adware that may have gotten through your computer in some way.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Comodo computer Firewall Training

Computer firewalls can be a very good thing,after all they are what blocks the bad guys and bad sites from causing havoc on your computer. Sometimes the firewalls block good programs, hardware and even ports
that are used for legit software such as for instant messaging.

Training your computer firewall can help I am referring to a software firewall like Comodo Firewall.
Comodo has a training mode you can enable some other firewalls do too.

Comodo firewall menu options

firewall security Level
Under Firewall security Level in Comodo click training 
Training Mode

Other ways to tame your firewall is to go under the firewall tab by left clicking your mouse the tell it your trusted application then select ok when done.

Comodo Internet Security

Define a trusted application
Then Select Browse  Then go to Local Disk left click there then left click to select Program files to find what programs you want to select as trusted.

File Groups

select the application

In the bottom example we are going from the program folder to the left of us by left clicking your mouse then on to BSR screen recorder lrft clicking it to go on to inside our folder for bsr screen recorder
looking for the icon exe it looks like the desktop icon but no arrow beside it

select the application 2
select the application 3
last  define a Trusted Application
Then last left click the apply button

Monday, October 17, 2011

Lightning Fast and Easy Moving Files For Backup

There are many ways to move files for backup,but some of those are awkward or slow such as
lassoing, this works when you grab a group of files by clicking your left mouse button near a icon,
then go down to next icon where you want to end,be careful to not click on an icon only next to them.

You will see a line when left clicking near the first group at the top,this should follow towards the end icons,when all icons have the cowboy lasso around them just keep your left mouse button down then click the right menu,
 to get your right menu to come up, then send to the folder or drive you want. If the send to menu does not have the folder or drive in the menu you can create new ones with send to toys program its free.

Right Click MenuFolder View
You can move the files by dragging to another drive but is very tricky to go where you want it to.

The easy way is to just right click all the icons after performing the cowboy lasso method, then using the send to menu to move them.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Turn Your Snail Slow Computer Into A fast Jack Rabbit

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
It does not matter if you have windows 2000,  Xp Vista or windows 7 with 5 steps you can change the slow snail computer into a fast jack rabbit. 1-  the first thing is to make sure you have no trojans, viruses or other malware by doing a full scan with the free software Malwarebytes Ant-malware, this is the best cleanup utility
out there.   

2- Clean up your registry one of the best registry cleaners out there that is very safe and easy to use is Ccleaner     

Smart Defrag speed up your hard drive
3- Defragment your hard drive with smart defrag 2.2

4- Install and run NTREGOPT you should however turn off User Account Control in Vista’s system settings.

5- Run smart defrag boot time click turn on boot time defrag option then click only next boot. you can download malwarebytes from HERE

You can download Ccleaner from HERE

You can download Smart Defrag From HERE If any more detailed info is needed check out my tutorials on my youtube channel  HERE

Monday, October 10, 2011

Make Your Own Windows Custom Send To Menu Easily

All that is needed to make your own windows custom send to menu is a free program called Send To toys
click on send to toys to go to the link to install the new version works with Xp Vista and windows 7
 Right Click Send to menu
This above is your normal right click menu you get when right clicking with your mouse button on a folder or file,but after installing and selecting your choices when you set send to toys up it can look like this! below
Custom Send to menu
As you can see it is easy to add such folders as Downloads to the list just click on the folder you want in the config menu a picture shown below and then click add.

add folder option for the send to toys menu

Move Your Hard Drive To Another Computer

Moving your hard drive to another computer is usually only possible if its in a external hard drive enclosure and then you can only get files from it such as media music and videos plus doc files and pictures.

But in the linux world you could move and boot your system in another computer because linux will rescan the hardware and change whats needed to run your computer. I recently had a computer mainboard die, that had an Asus mainboard with onboard graphics in it and changed it out into a case that had a gigabyte mainboard and a geforce 6100 video card and Ubuntu 11.04 operating system and just booted up and everything was detected and worked even the programs that were installed.

This is one of the many extraordinary things that makes linux unique

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tech Genius Steve Jobs Gone

Steve jobs will be missed by all, even Microsoft windows users,Linux users because we all at some point enjoyed his inventions like the Ipod or  Iphone or just Itunes the well known media center. Steve died of cancer
which  is fought with the knowledge of medical doctors  and a few procedures.

This has reminded me of the most important thing in life and that's our health, without it nothing matters.
We need to start taking more charge of are own health, for instance learning what makes us tick,I don't mean that everybody learn how to be a doctor but simply learn all you can to better your health.

It can be easy and fun to learn more about your health just try another great source is Dr Mercola free video's that will entertain and educate you on good health. Water and pure water is very important that we all overlook but is filtration good enough to take out all the bad and put in what we need.

Treatment centers that do wonders for some cancer patients Burzynsky Clinic is one of if not the best out there.

The one thing you can take that will make a difference is Pine Bark or Pycnogynol it will help you. I am not a health care doctor but am speaking of my own experience with Pine Bark and have been taking it for a few years now.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Whats The Main Part Of A Computer Anyway?

The main part of a computer goes by three different names 1- Motherboard this is called motherboard because the older units had daughter boards that were plugged into it. 2- System Board and  3-  last but not least is the
Main Board. These boards have the chipsets that run them and the processor slot that holds the cpu or the
Central Processing Unit.

On These boards you will also find your memory slots which can be SDR, DDR DDR2 or DDR3 and even DDR 4 video cards often have newer memory then computers do so a brand new video  card can be using
DDR 5.

Mainboards are probably the most common name used now. Other Slots on the mainboard are PCI, AGP ISA,PCI Express ISA is an old slot that is not used any more on modern systems, also AGP is an older slot for video and is still better far as speed then a plain PCI slot is.

The newer mainboards will have PCI Express 16 Slot or slots for video. Some mainboards have a built in video connector usually VGA or an analog signal, some have also a DVI or a digital hookup to,just make sure you have a newer lcd  monitor if you want to use this one.

The new models of mainboards may have usb 3 also which is a lot faster the usb 2. The way to tell if a desktop computer has a video card in it is look at the back if the video connection is vertical it is an onboard connection, but when the video is in the side to side  position its a video card.