Friday, September 2, 2011

Video and Codecs What are They Anyway?

Video Types can be confusing especially codecs! just what is a codec anyway you say,  well its video in a special state that is compressed to allow  for a smaller size  .Divx is a codec that allows for a greater quality and can put the video on a cd  but most dvd players will not play these files,
except the dvd players that are divx ready.

Codec is short for compress/Decompress to give the video a smaller size. AVI is the most common video format there is, .mov is a apple codec and there are plenty more video formats and codecs out there,like MPEG which stands for Moving Picture Experts Group a committee that sets standards for the digital encoding of movies and sound.

There are many more formats that have the MPEG name which vary in compression and speed.

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