Saturday, September 17, 2011

How To Get Pictures From Your Phone

 There are quite a few ways to get pictures from a phone camera, the number one way and the the one that is really easy is to do, is pulling them from the micro sd card, if your phone camera has one.
How to find out if your phone camera has a micro sd slot! look around the phone it may be on the top bottom or the sides, its a small slot about  3/4 of an inch wide and 9/16 long,if its not around the phone check on the inside beside the battery.

If the micro sd card slot is not beside or around the battery or around the phone you do not have one.
There are a few other ways to get pictures from your phone one being bluetooth  this way you can move pictures from your phone without wires to a device such as a kiosk like at Wal-Mart Photo department,
these kiosk accept phones that do not need a paring code, first you must  make sure bluetooth is turned on
because most phones keep it off to save power.

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Then under settings select your phone to search devices, the kiosk should be set on pictures from a phone icon, when they match your pictures will show up on the screen of the kiosk you are on. If the bluetooth don't work from the kiosk its probably not compatible with your phone, newer kiosks that will be installed later will have upgraded bluetooth support for more phones. There are cables on the hp Kiosks now that allow most smart phones to be connected to get your pictures printed still go under mobile then cable you may have to repeat this step a few times make sure your phone is on your picture gallery and is set to operate as a storage device is sometimes needed also.

Another way to get pictures from your phone camera is to plug in your phone cable to your computer at home if you have one, then move the pictures to a cd burning program like record now or nero then burn the pictures to a cd. You can also move the pictures from your phone while it is plugged into your computer, to a usb thumb drive also called flash drives, then bring it in to a kosk at wall-mart or another retailer that has a photo department kiosk.

You can also bluetooth to a Friends phone that has a micro sd card in it and have them print your pictures for you. Pictures can be uploaded to sites like then printed for you, just create a free account.
Phone accessories are sometimes found in your neighbourhood retail store if not try the online website for that store.

Some speciality stores are great for items such as phone cables and batteries, mp3 player items like replacement cards and batteries on of my favourite sites besides is
there you will find a lot of hard to find accessories for your phone, camera and mp3 players there

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