Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Get Top Performance Even With Windows Vista

Simple tricks to help speed up even windows vista:
Number 1-  Turn off user account control- yes this liitle trick not only stops all the nags, but also will allow you to install a  free program that works with NT, 2000, XP and even Vista with User Account Control Shut Off.

This Tool is NTREGOPT  this will compact the registry so windows will start up faster. But first here is how to shut off user account control is windows vista Click on the control panel once there type in the search box UAC you will see a link for turn user account control off, click on this then on the next screen uncheck the use User Account Control Then Click ok.

Number 2-  Install NTREGOPT and run it after running it will ask you to restart the computer click ok.

Number 3-  Install Smart Defrag then click on boot time click turn on and then only next boot then restart and let smart defrag defrag your windows vista registry. For a detailed video's to speed up your computer

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