Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Get Top Performance Even With Windows Vista

Simple tricks to help speed up even windows vista:
Number 1-  Turn off user account control- yes this liitle trick not only stops all the nags, but also will allow you to install a  free program that works with NT, 2000, XP and even Vista with User Account Control Shut Off.

This Tool is NTREGOPT  this will compact the registry so windows will start up faster. But first here is how to shut off user account control is windows vista Click on the control panel once there type in the search box UAC you will see a link for turn user account control off, click on this then on the next screen uncheck the use User Account Control Then Click ok.

Number 2-  Install NTREGOPT and run it after running it will ask you to restart the computer click ok.

Number 3-  Install Smart Defrag then click on boot time click turn on and then only next boot then restart and let smart defrag defrag your windows vista registry. For a detailed video's to speed up your computer

Monday, September 26, 2011

Turn Your Old Hard Drive Into A External Drive

Sometimes you may have an old hard drive laying around,that may be of some use such as installing all your photos on it. To buy an external hard drive can be as much as $100 depending on the size and whether it is usb 2 or 3 or both.

There is a cheap solution to this, if you have a good old hard drive laying around. The type of hard drive, whether its a ide 2.5 inch or a sata 3.5 inch will determine what external enclosure you will need.
Sata drives come in 2.5 inch for laptops and there is the old IDE versions too. Desktop computers have 3.5 inch
IDE or the newer SATA drives.

There are many places to buy your hard drive external Enclosures such as and
The price for these external Enclosures  are extremely cheap compared to buying a external hard drive.
To install easily make sure you order the metal enclosures, these allow you to just remove a few screws and the plug in your drive, slide the case back in and replace the screws you took out before and that's all there is to it.

Look for duel units that except IDE and SATA Drives, this will make them work with most drives out there. This is a neat computer storage trick use your old drive and make your own external drive with the parts below.

Western Digital Hard Drive internal 3.5 IDE

External Hard Drive Case

Monday, September 19, 2011

When a Web Browser Sets Itself As Default When You Don't Want It Too

Sometimes we want a new web browser to view the web as a emergency browser or a second or third choice
to surf the net, but what if it takes over control of your default Browser Internet Explorer? well then you will have problems updating windows.

Microsoft Windows can only update its system files using Internet Explorer,so if the windows update link is clicked under your start panel or under the control panel,and another web browser comes up here is what to do to fix it.

The first thing to try if you have windows xp  is, left click start button then click on set program access and defaults,if this don't do the trick to bring back your trusty Internet Explorer as the default,or if you have a different version of windows, try opening your Internet Explorer then when it comes up it will ask if you want
it to be the default application then click yes and it will set it back for you. To see my video on this Subject
Check out my You tube channel

Saturday, September 17, 2011

How To Get Pictures From Your Phone

 There are quite a few ways to get pictures from a phone camera, the number one way and the the one that is really easy is to do, is pulling them from the micro sd card, if your phone camera has one.
How to find out if your phone camera has a micro sd slot! look around the phone it may be on the top bottom or the sides, its a small slot about  3/4 of an inch wide and 9/16 long,if its not around the phone check on the inside beside the battery.

If the micro sd card slot is not beside or around the battery or around the phone you do not have one.
There are a few other ways to get pictures from your phone one being bluetooth  this way you can move pictures from your phone without wires to a device such as a kiosk like at Wal-Mart Photo department,
these kiosk accept phones that do not need a paring code, first you must  make sure bluetooth is turned on
because most phones keep it off to save power.

You can even make money with pictures you take with a camera, to find out this info and start making money from your pictures check out PaidForPictures

Then under settings select your phone to search devices, the kiosk should be set on pictures from a phone icon, when they match your pictures will show up on the screen of the kiosk you are on. If the bluetooth don't work from the kiosk its probably not compatible with your phone, newer kiosks that will be installed later will have upgraded bluetooth support for more phones. There are cables on the hp Kiosks now that allow most smart phones to be connected to get your pictures printed still go under mobile then cable you may have to repeat this step a few times make sure your phone is on your picture gallery and is set to operate as a storage device is sometimes needed also.

Another way to get pictures from your phone camera is to plug in your phone cable to your computer at home if you have one, then move the pictures to a cd burning program like record now or nero then burn the pictures to a cd. You can also move the pictures from your phone while it is plugged into your computer, to a usb thumb drive also called flash drives, then bring it in to a kosk at wall-mart or another retailer that has a photo department kiosk.

You can also bluetooth to a Friends phone that has a micro sd card in it and have them print your pictures for you. Pictures can be uploaded to sites like then printed for you, just create a free account.
Phone accessories are sometimes found in your neighbourhood retail store if not try the online website for that store.

Some speciality stores are great for items such as phone cables and batteries, mp3 player items like replacement cards and batteries on of my favourite sites besides is
there you will find a lot of hard to find accessories for your phone, camera and mp3 players there

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Have A Question About Youtube? Why You Ought to Visit Youtube's Help Center

Are you fascinated in using YouTube?  If so, you are definitely not alone. Each day, thousands of internet users visit the YouTube website.  Many are engrossed in watching an unlimited number of Distinctive videos, all from different categories, and others are interested in actually uploading and sharing their own videos.  While using YouTube can sometimes be considered self-explanatory, there may come a time when you have questions about the site.  If and when that time comes, you will want to visit YouTube's help center.

When it comes to visiting YouTube's help center to get their questions asked, there are many individuals who actually wonder why they should do so. While this question may seem a little bit ironic, it isn't that uncommon. There are many internet users who say that some website help center's are useless, as they don't provide very good or detailed information. The goods news for you, particularly if you have a YouTube question that you want answered, is that the YouTube website is not like that at all.  Their help center is actually very helpful! 

When visiting YouTube's help center, you will find that you can seek help on a wide variety of different subjects.  One of those subjects involves making your own YouTube videos.  If you have yet to make your video yet, you may be wondering what type of video you can make, per YouTube's guidelines. You can find information on acceptable video content, as well as tips on how to make your videos have the best quality at the YouTube help center.

You if you are interested in uploading a video to YouTube, but it is your first time doing so, you may be wondering more about the process. YouTube explains, in their help center or section, exactly how you can upload your videos, in a step-by-step fashion. You are also given information on how long it could take for your YouTube videos to upload, as well as what to do if a problem occurs.  If you are new to uploading videos on YouTube, the YouTube help center or section is a must see for you.

If you prefer watching videos on YouTube, instead of uploading your own, you may have a few questions about making the most out of YouTube.  For instance, if you visit a YouTube video page, you may be able to see that video being talked about or rated. What you might not know is that you have to be a YouTube member to rate, review, or discuss movies.  Additional perks that you can get from being a YouTube member are outlined in the YouTube help center. In fact, if you have yet to register for a free YouTube account, you can get information on doing so, as well as to reasons why you should, there too.

As it was mentioned above, visiting the YouTube help center will make it easier for you to know what YouTube is all about or what you can do on the site.  That is just one of the many reasons as to why you should visit YouTube's help center, whether or not you even have a question.  YouTube's help center is arranged in a nice, easy to use way; therefore, exploring the help center should actually only take a few minutes of your time, but the information that you walk away with may be able to help you for years to come.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Common Computer Memory Types

There were memory types that are specific to a range of years that computers were purchased,that determine
 what type of computer memory your computer has.

From 1997 to 2000 was primarily sdram 168 pin memory sticks
From  2000 to 2003 was primarily DDR 184 pin memory sticks
From   2004 to 2006 was primarily DDR2 240 pin memory sticks   This memory below is Sdram 168 pin
DDR 3 was out in 2007 but not used as much as DDR2   This memory stick below is DDR 184 pin
DDR 2 High Performance 240 pin

This Memory Stick to the left is DDR 2 High performance 240 pin the metal is heat sinks to
keep the memory running cooler.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Video and Codecs What are They Anyway?

Video Types can be confusing especially codecs! just what is a codec anyway you say,  well its video in a special state that is compressed to allow  for a smaller size  .Divx is a codec that allows for a greater quality and can put the video on a cd  but most dvd players will not play these files,
except the dvd players that are divx ready.

Codec is short for compress/Decompress to give the video a smaller size. AVI is the most common video format there is, .mov is a apple codec and there are plenty more video formats and codecs out there,like MPEG which stands for Moving Picture Experts Group a committee that sets standards for the digital encoding of movies and sound.

There are many more formats that have the MPEG name which vary in compression and speed.