Thursday, August 11, 2011

Why does my computer keep freezing? - How to fix computer crashes?

Your computer keep freezing time and again? Sometimes when you work or play on your computer, the computer just hangs for any reason. Why ? gel ? How can I fix it?
Normally PC fails due to insufficient resources of RAM. When you run too many programs at the same time, programs are fighting for limited resources of RAM. If Windows is unable to allocate enough memory, computer crashes and some programs do not respond.
Someone said that if you increase the memory problem does not recur. Unfortunately, some PC users who have 4 G of RAM are also facing the problem of freezing from time to time. Why? Problems in the system!
In most cases, resources are insufficient RAM that causes the computer to hang. There are several issues that have a negative effect on team performance, such as registry errors, duplicate DLL files, unnecessary files and so on. When your team is facing these problems, you may find the yield fell drastically.
For example, the case is one of the most important Windows system. If the registry is damaged, the team not only blocked, but even the experience of the blue screen, white screen and other serious problems. And when there are many redundant DLLs in the system disk, a portion of RAM resources will be occupied by them. So your computer will find the situation where the RAM is sufficient resources and equipment failure.
In addition, there are many other problems can lead to computer crashes. You need to manage all issues to solve the problem.
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