Monday, August 1, 2011

When Computer Disaster Strikes Fight Back

Have you ever had freeze ups that you could not do anything but do a reboot? Or how about a trojan that
made your computer almost useless,that it was so slow and would not perform the smallest of a job without
rebooting? well being prepared for one of these computer disaster times, makes the pain very light if you have what is needed at the right time!. Backup you say noooo! much better then the backup is an Image of your whole operating system and games, game saves I mean everything since the last image or clone.

The clone job is more of transferring everything to say a bigger hard drive, some free software can do a good job of this like EaseUs To Do Backup yes there is a clone option an is pretty easy even for beginners.
For creating a Image say on your Main hard drive if it is big enough is possible by creating a parttition for it and name it say Backup 1 can be done with EaseUs Partition Master Free Edition.

Macrium Reflect is another good free choice for doing an Image of your hard drive,it even lets you create an emergency Boot Disk that will start your computer when windows won't.
When Computer Disaster Strikes, Fight Back with your own custom restore image sitting on a external hard drive or a partition you made for this purpose.

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