Thursday, August 18, 2011

When Computer CD drives Eject On Their Own

When a computer starts ejecting its cd or dvd drive( Hp Model Pavillion 520 N its usually a virus thats attached itself in the registry hardware profiles,or a bad drive itself or and bad IDE ribbon cable. In this case or computer,that I worked on 08-18-2011 its both I found that the drives were bad and the IDE ribbon cable,the pavillion 520m had a duel combination dvd and cd in a strange setup the first drive a cd writer was set at cable select on the jumper, the second drive was set at slave.

 The way I usually set these up is with the jumpers on the back of the drive-     Master The second drive set as the slave. The ribbon cables come in 40 pin and 80 to make this short the 80 is better so I changed the 40 pin cable also with a 80.

The other strange behavior of this bad drive cable combo was when you did manage to get a cd in and try to open it under my computer it would tell  you to insert a disk although one was indeed inserted already. So when you get strange behavior like this from your computer especially if its a hp pavillion 520n It may be a computer hardware problem.

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