Friday, August 12, 2011

Recovery partition on error "Missing operating system Windows XP

In a hard disk, the partition is the term for the division of storage space on your hard drive into several logical units, called partitions. In partitioning, you can ensure that your system files and program files are separated by user data. This means that the system drive has enough space for paging virtual memory and exchange. In addition, when a partition is damaged, then another partition is not affected by this. Corruption in the partitions can occur for many reasons, including infection by viruses, power outages, faulty hardware components, damaged file system etc., you must use appropriate measures to solve this problem. However, if you can not do, so you must use third href = "" partition software Recovery to recover the partition.
Imagine a scenario in which you turn on Windows XP system, but will not start. An error message, which is one of the following:
Operating system not found
Operating system missing
For the error messages above may be because:
The disc is not detected by the BIOS (Basic Input / Output System)
An incompatible partition is marked active.
Sector 0 of the physical hard disk has a corrupt boot record (MBR).
The partition system disk that contains the MBR is not more active.
The hard drive is damaged.
To resolve this problem and to access the system, you can use one of the following:
Check the BIOS settings: You should check the BIOS settings and see if the drive is recognized by the system or not. If so, then reboot to see if the problem is solved or not.
Use the Recovery Console: You must access the Recovery Console in Windows XP using Windows XP CD-ROM. In this sense, use the fixmbr command to repair the master boot record (MBR) partition of the system unit.
However, if you still face the same problems, then you should use one third of the Windows partition recovery
Software for Windows partition recovery. Read-only tools, quick and sophisticated scanning algorithms to scan the damaged area.
Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is software that performs a recovery partition recovery partition lost, inaccessible, missing partitions. Is able to recover over 185 different types of files from various storage media such as hard drives, USB drives, iPods, external hard drives, etc. In addition, this tool can recover partition deleted messages from MS Outlook and Outlook Express. Compatible with Windows 7, Vista, Server 2003, XP and 2000.

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