Saturday, August 13, 2011

Laptop repair most common problems

When the first laptops were often low-power, heavy and expensive. As technology has improved, laptop computers and modern laptops offer performance up to the desktop computers of today and are more powerful and lighter, making them very portable. With the portability and all the extra features, however, problems can occur that can leave a  laptop broken.
The failure of the most common material found in a laptop including power supply. Many people are familiar with a scenario in which the computer does not start after several attempts. At first it may seem that the battery needs recharging, but even plugging the computer into an outlet does not seem to help. Most likely the laptop has a faulty power adapter or a bad connection. The power connector on a laptop connector is susceptible to damage due to frequency of use. Carelessness with users to connect and disconnect the AC adapter, that can lead to damaged solder joints or a weak power jack connection, preventing the notebook from external power. Once the battery is used up, the laptop does not and can not be recharged.
Another topic of laptop repair . Overheating is caused by a faulty fan stops working or blocks the airflow to processor. Laptops are cooled by small fans that turn on and off, so the cold air to cool the environment within the electronics. In case of malfunction of the fan and can not cool, laptop components like the processor and hard drive can overheat, causing the computer to shut down intermittently. In addition, the laptop overheating may occur if the flow of air into the system crashes. A common cause of this is the computer to sleep is on a soft surface like a pillow in use. To avoid this, the laptop should always be based on a hard flat surface when turned on.
Laptops are designed for portability, but in the process of being taken in many places, can also have a lot of abuse. Blows or falls are a major contribution to the laptop failure. Impacts are known to cause a malfunction of the hard drive. Tics or impact and disrupt the delicate platters or the read head on a hard drive, making it unreadable. When this happens, the computer is still running, but can start to make clicks and will not start the operating system. A warning message appears sometimes on the screen indicating the owner of a hard drive failure has occurred. When this occurs, the device must be replaced.
Finally, some laptops are failures of software. Many users complain about their computers being slow or acting strange. Sometimes these problems are more characteristic of a software problem rather than a hardware failure. The most common causes of software problems are bad drivers, incompatible software or viruses. It is important to keep the drivers and the operating system to date, while the routine virus scan and disk defragmentation.
Understanding the underlying causes of notebook failures can help diagnose the problem and remedy the solution quickly.
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