Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Basic Windows Registry How It Works

                  The windows registry is the core of windows that keeps track of everything we do as users,and hardware, plus all the software settings,software install and uninstall and more.

 There are two hidden files in the windows directory, system.dat and user.dat  system.dat keeps the settings for hardware,and the user.dat keeps all the settings for the users. there are 6 registry keys that hold your computer information and if any of these gets corrupted with the wrong info or missing info it will give you trouble sometimes only minor, then again it could keep your computer from starting up or keep it from running all together.

The 6 key areas of the registry are  1-  KEY_CLASSES_ROOT   this contains information about software settings.
 2-  This registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER    This Key contains info on the person currently logged in.
 3-  This registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE  This key contains info that is specific to your computer
its hardware that's installed all about your software.
 4-  This registry key HKEY_USERS this key contains info about all the users of your computer and has a sub section that breaks down the users.
  5-  this registry key HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG  this key points to a branch of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE  that keeps info on specific hardware on your computer.
  6-  This registry key KKEY_DYN_DATA  this key points to yet another branch of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE that has specific info on hardware that is plug and play.

The registry as you can see is a very complicated section and is also delicate so the wrong changes can be disastrous. Software that is made to correctly handle changes to fix the registry are a better pick for you if you are not a highly experienced windows user.

They are free software such as Ccleaner that will help a great deal and is very safe. Another option for windows xp users you can download ERUNT  which will do a automatic save of your registry at each boot and you will be able to restore it also if something becomes corrupted. Ccleaner also gives you an option to save backups before cleaning the registry.

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