Thursday, June 16, 2011

How to Update Some of Your Home Entertainment Devices

Some home entertainment devices such as a Dvd player, and Blu-ray Player can be updated, by going to the manufacturer website and imputing your model number in and doing a check for firmware updates.
The update usually means downloading a zip file that needs to be extracted using either a built in tool in windows or a program such as Winzip or Winrar and many others such as Zipgenius . Then you take the iso file and burn it to cd with a cd dvd burning program like imgburn or cdburnerxp both are free programs to use.
After you burn the file just load it into your drive on the device you want to update and follow its instructions such as power off if instructed to. Many improvements come about after updating your firmware including,more
speed,more media compatibility among a few benefits. One update I performed on a old Pioneer DVD player, gave it the ability to play -R and +R Media, when it was first purchased it only could use -R-RW disks.

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