Thursday, June 23, 2011

3 Super Way's to backup Your PC

The first backup and most known way to backup your PC is with software that saves files and folders to a certain location on your hard drive or external device such as a dvd burner or high capacity usb thumb drive,also called flash drives. Backups with these programs like Cobian backup and Comodo backup you can have the program compress files so they take up less space on your media.

The second choice and not as well known, is backing up the registry, this way the backups are much smaller and
do a full backup from a specific time kind of like system restore. There are a few free registry backup programs but the one I use most  is Erunt very easy and fast to use just click on in windows xp and run and pick a place to save.Windows vista and 7 users can use it but will have to shut off user account control in system settings first.

The Third and my favorite is to use an image program such as the free Macrium Reflect this will even let you make a emergency cd to restore your system even when your windows will not start. The image program saves everything including your files and folders,settings, drivers even the background wallpaper you were using before your system crashed, long as you changed your background wallpaper before your image was created.

There is clonezilla and backuppc for linux and mac.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

How to Update Some of Your Home Entertainment Devices

Some home entertainment devices such as a Dvd player, and Blu-ray Player can be updated, by going to the manufacturer website and imputing your model number in and doing a check for firmware updates.
The update usually means downloading a zip file that needs to be extracted using either a built in tool in windows or a program such as Winzip or Winrar and many others such as Zipgenius . Then you take the iso file and burn it to cd with a cd dvd burning program like imgburn or cdburnerxp both are free programs to use.
After you burn the file just load it into your drive on the device you want to update and follow its instructions such as power off if instructed to. Many improvements come about after updating your firmware including,more
speed,more media compatibility among a few benefits. One update I performed on a old Pioneer DVD player, gave it the ability to play -R and +R Media, when it was first purchased it only could use -R-RW disks.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Linux Tricks Only Windows Cannot Do

Computers without a good hard drive in the windows world are usually worthless, cannot be used because with
windows you have to do a install on your hard drive for it to run. Linux on the other hand can run from a live dvd
or cd even without a hard drive installed. The computer must have a DVD or CD in good working order and be set in your bios to be the first boot device. Any downloads will run in temp memory or onto a external hard drive if you have one and its plugged in.There are many Live Linux Flavors to try out like Ubuntu, Super O/S and Ultimate Edition, Linux Mint and more.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Use A Computer With No Virus or Malware Worries

How do you use a computer with no virus or malware worries you say! well if you have your computer,
backed up to the max, that is Imaged your hard drive you are safe.
Imaging your hard drive, saves the settings of windows your programs,drivers everything! so if disaster strikes
all you have to do is boot up and restore from a disk such as a partition of your hard drive or a external hard drive. There are many paid programs that let you do this such as Acronis True Image, Ghost and others.The best free software I have used for this is Macrium Reflect free Edition so do yourself a big favor and get ready be prepared and jump back from disaster at any time.