Saturday, May 28, 2011

Beware of Jzip

There are many file archieving utilities for windows O/S out there, many of them very good like winzip and winrar but there are some that can cause problems such as hijacking your browser settings and changing your current browser. Stay away from Jzip! I have tried this and it has caused me to lose many days of work because of its malware type action's.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Top Ten Freeware Picks Everyone Must Have

The Tools section I would pick this as #1- Ccleaner This has the ability to clean your registry, Remove Programs and even cleanup the start options in windows.       The #2- Top ten Freeware everyone must have is
Picasa 3  Its not only a photo organizer but Simple edit tool and a backup program for all your important pictures.

The #3- Pick for my top ten freeware picks that everyone must have is Diskdefrag This not only can defrag your hard drive but optimize it as well pacing your most used files in the fastest section of the disk, making load times quicker.

The #4- Pick of the Top Ten Freeware Picks everyone must have is Comodo Internet Security This is much more then your average Antivirus freeware, this is my Top Freeware pick that everyone must have, because it simply works and protects you.

My #5- Pick is Jing
which is a very good screencast tool that lets you record your desktop actions, say making a tutorial on a software about a registry cleaner.

#6- The top ten freeware picks everyone must have is Open Office a complete office sweet,yes it"s sweet! much like Microsoft Office but free.

#7- This Top Freeware pick everyone must have has got to be Malwarebytes Anti-Malware this is the best virus, Trojan and Rogue remover and cleanup tool you can have.

#8- The number 8 spot for the top ten freeware picks everyone must have is Macrium Reflect Free Edition this is your ultimate backup solution, it can be used to do an image of your entire hard drive and restore it later, in case of disaster like a trojan infection or the like.

#8- The number 8 of the top ten freeware picks everyone must have is Easeus Partition Master Free this is like the old partition magic but newer and free you can create partitions and delete great  with Macrium Reflect to save your restore section to a new partition that you make with this.

#9- This one at number nine from the top ten freeware picks everyone must have  is called ZipGenius  this nifty little tool lets you unzip and zip up or compress files.

#10- At at the last spot number ten of my Top Ten freeware picks everyone must have is HWININFO32 this little tool can give you a load of information about your hardware and software like what memory do you have and how much is in there.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Small Super Computers Coming

Small super computers are coming and coming soon. Amd is now making a processor that has built in Video Graphics called a Fusion Processor combined on single CPU package. Intel has a combined package with separate dies. These new CPUs will make for very fast small super computers coming 2011.

Laptops are the best pick for this technology because of the limits of area on the inside of a laptop,and will gain big advantages over the old laptops with onboard video and singe CPU.

Solid State Drive's are being used now to make the data more accessible far as speed and reliability ,faster boot up times and faster data retrieval .

New memory technology to make memory faster is about here such as Phase Change Memory and Magnetic Memory, soon you will be holding a super computer in your lap to do your work.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Is Osama Bin Laden Really Dead?

I usually only do posts on computer tips and internet marketing but I just want to see for sure myself if he is really dead! How about you don"t you want to see proof?  I mean we have been after this guy for a long time!
It is said that he planned the attack on us at 9-11-2001. CIA boss Leon Panetta  said tuesday that the photos
would be released! but when? I know most americans want proof that he is dead!